In addition to the citywide Pavement Assessment, the City considered the availability of local and federal funding sources, the status of project designs, the current conditions of the underground water, sewer and drainage lines, and federal judgements such as the requirements of the Sewerage and Water Board’s Consent Decree to help prioritize infrastructure improvement work.

It’s not uncommon for a roadway surface to appear smooth but for the underground drainage, water or sewer lines to have leaks. The City considered these factors when developing the comprehensive Capital Improvement Program schedule.

A list of the First Wave of Projects is below.

Project Name Budget Range Estimated Start Date
RR083 - Lakeview North Group A (INC) $4-6 M Jan. - March 2017
RR069 - Lake Terrace & Oaks Group A (PCI) $3-4M April - June 2017
RR191 - West Bank Group A (VAR) $7-8M April - June 2017
RR103 - LNW Northeast Group A (INC) $7-8M April - June 2017
RR108 - LNW Northwest Group A (PMOI) $4-5M April - June 2017
RR152 - Read Blvd West Group A (PMOI) $9-11M April - June 2017
RR050 - Freret Group A (PMOI) $3-4M April - June 2017
RR078 - Lakeshore Group A (INC) $3-4M April - June 2017
RR037 - Filmore North Group A (PMOI) $8-9M April - June 2017
RR094 - Lakewood Group A (PMOI) $1-2M April - June 2017
RR166 - St. Claude Group A (PMOI) $8-9M April - June 2017
RR182 - Treme-Lafitte Group A (INC) $4-5M April - June 2017
RR051 - Gentilly Terrace Group A (INC) $5-6M April - June 2017
RR133 - Pines Village Group A (PMOI) $14-16M April - June 2017
RR001 - Audubon Group A (PMOPI) $8-10M April - June 2017
RR132 - Navarre Group A (FRCPI) $7-8M April - June 2017
RR187 - Village De L'Est Group A (PMOI) $8-9M April - June 2017
RR067 - Hollygrove, Leonidas Group A (INC) $7-8M April - June 2017
RR003 - Bayou St John, Fairgrounds, Seventh Ward  Group A (INC) $9-10M April - June 2017
RR026 - Desire Group A (PMOPI) $2-3M April - June  2017
RR124 - Mid City Group A (INC) $7-8M April - June 2017
RR130 - Milneburg Group A (PMOPI) $12-14M April - June 2017
RR090 - Lakeview South Group A (PMOPI) $12-14M April - June 2017
RR009 - Black Pearl, East Carrollton Group A (PMOPI) $11-12M April - June 2017
RR042 - Filmore South Group A (PMOPI) $8-10M April - June 2017
RR116 - Marlyville-Fontainebleau Group A (PMOPI) $18-20M April - June 2017
RR193 - West End Group A (PMOPI) $9-10M April - June  2017
RR010 - Broadmoor Group A (PMOPI) $14-16M April - June  2017
RR152 - Read Blvd East Group A (PMOPI) $8-10M April - June 2017
RR185 - Uptown, West Riverside Group A (PMOPI) $9-10M

July - Sept. 2017


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