Max Pave II

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Rejuvenating Our Roads

The Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (SWBNO) continually performs routine repairs to the city’s water and sewer pipes that lie below city streets. Once a repair is complete, the utility cut is backfilled temporarily with sand and crushed concrete. The temporary fill in these cuts often erodes, leaving uneven pavement. To make the roads safer for motorists and neighborhood residents and help SWBNO with its backlog, the Department of Public Works invested $8.6M across the city.

This repaving program will address cuts on local streets with permanent paving through one or more contracts. The City's contractor for the first contract, Fleming Construction Company, began assessments in preparation for repaving cuts on the Westbank last week. Fleming is expected to address about 550 locations as part of their contract. Residents will be notified by flyer when work is being performed on their block and given advance notice of work that would impact driveway and walkway access.


How and When Will the Work Be Completed?

In an effort to increase performance and efficiency, the work orders have been grouped geographically. The City has been divided into twelve zones. The City’s work will be performed by zones in the following sequence:  

Westbank/Zone 7  

  • Algiers Point  
  • Behrman  
  • Fischer Development  
  • McDonogh  
  • New Aurora-English Turn  
  • Old Aurora  
  • Tall Timbers-Brechtel  
  • U.S Naval Base  
  • Whitney  

East Bank/Zone 10  

  • Florida Area  
  • St. Claude  
  • St. Roch South  
  • Bywater  

East Bank/ Zone 12  

  • Holy Cross  
  • Lower Ninth Ward NE  
  • Lower Ninth Ward NW  
  • Lower Ninth Ward South

East Bank Zone 10  

  • Treme-Lafitte  
  • Seventh Ward  
  • Fairgrounds 

East Bank Zone 6  

  • French Quarter  
  • Marigny  
  • CBD  

A map of the blocks within the zones can be found here

Click the link here to see an interactive map showing the Max Pave II locations and the following statuses:

  • Planned
  • Pre-Construction
  • Construction
  • Completed

In general, construction crews will be working from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, although unforeseen impacts to the project schedule (e.g. weather) could require some work on the weekends.





Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my property (house, vehicle, etc.) is damaged due to active roadwork construction?

If a resident believes they have experienced damage to their home as a result of construction they can file a damage claim directly with the construction contractor. If a resident chooses to email, our office will re-route the claim to the appropriate construction contractor. Please note that once the damage claims process is initiated with a construction contractor, state contract law prohibits our office from further involvement and residents should reach out to the contractor for updates on the status of their damage claim.

Will roadwork affect my sanitation and/or mail services?

U.S. Postal Service and sanitation/recycling services will continue throughout construction; however, if your block is undergoing construction that limits roadway or driveway access, you may be asked by the contractor to bring your garbage and recycling bins to the nearest accessible corner on your normal collection days. If you need assistance with this, please let us know so we can work with the contractor to ensure you receive the assistance you need.

How will residents be notified of water service disruptions related to roadwork construction?

If an approved utility disruption is scheduled, contractors have been instructed to notify residents 48 hours in advance of a full-day service disruption and 24 hours in advance of a half-day service disruption by paper notification canvassed door-to-door. Additionally, RoadworkNOLA posts service disruptions to the following social media platforms: Nextdoor, Facebook and Twitter. If at any time during construction, you do not receive a notification prior to a utility service disruption, please notify us at or 504.658-ROAD(7623).

What happens if you notice a water leak on active construction projects?

If a water leak is within the project limits, please notify SWBNO immediately by calling 52-WATER. You can follow up with RoadworkNOLA after notifying SWBNO for an update on whether this work is planned as part of the waterline tie-in process.

If a leak is outside of a project site, it should be reported to 52-WATER as the Department of Public Works (DPW) is unable to turn off SWBNO water valves.

Why is there water consistently running from a hose or hydrant during construction?

After a new waterline has been installed it has to be chlorinated (flushed) and a sample taken to ensure that it fits all environmental standards before it can be connected to the existing water supply. This flushing process can take days; however, the running water does not impact individual residential Sewerage and Water Board bills.

What are the hours for construction? Will there be work on the weekend?

In general, construction crews will be working from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and during summer months until sundown to take advantage of daylight and favorable weather conditions. Unforeseen impacts to the project schedule (i.e. weather) could require some work on the weekends. Weekend and holiday work requests can occur but will be approved by the Department of Public Works (DPW) and RoadworkNOLA staff to coordinate this work.

What can I expect as it relates to access to my home and other roadway closures during construction? How will I be notified?

Roadway/street closures and/or traffic re-routing will be necessary to perform most upgrades. Before construction starts on your block residents should be notified via flyer. This flyer will detail the scope and duration of work. Residents will be notified every 30-days for work that exceeds one month.

If your block undergoes construction that temporarily limits access to your driveway or block without at least 48-hours’ notice please call the RoadworkNOLA hotline at 504-658-ROAD(7623).

In the event of a planned road closure, lane closure, or traffic re-routing, the City and/or contractor will provide notice in advance of implementing any changes to traffic patterns. Full road closures and/or lane closures will be sent as a traffic advisory through the City of New Orleans and communicated via Nextdoor. We also send out text message alerts for all traffic advisories. To sign up, you can text ROADWORK to 77295 and follow the link to include your address in your profile or go to to create a whole profile and select the “roadwork” alert list.

How do you determine whether to repair the street with asphalt versus concrete?

Requirements by the Department of Public Works (DPW) state that whenever possible, we restore the street in kind (i.e., replace asphalt with asphalt and concrete with concrete). However, sometimes a different decision will be made based on a variety of things – most commonly determined by the subsurface utility replacement. Engineers, project managers and other utilities all come to an agreement based on the type of replacement a block will receive.

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Status Awarded
Funding Source City Bond
Budget $8.6M
Notice to Proceed March 20, 2023
Contractor Fleming Construction Company, LLC
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