Types of repairs

The City considered several factors prior to determining the type of construction that would be scheduled on any given street. In addition to the citywide Pavement Assessment, the City considered the availability of local and federal funding sources, the status of project designs, the current conditions of the underground water, sewer and drainage lines, and federal judgements such as the requirements of the Sewerage and Water Board’s Consent Decree to help prioritize infrastructure improvement work.

For example, on roadways where a water line is known to be leaking, the City prioritized reconstruction of that roadway to include replacement of the damaged water line, repair or replacement of the sewer line and repair or replacement of the drainage line. This type of work is known as Full Reconstruction.

Text Box: As part of a full depth reconstruction project, contractors will dig a trench similar to the one pictured above in order to replace underground utilities.To learn more about the types of construction you can expect to see around the City, click on the links below:

  • Full Reconstruction: Repair sewage, water, and drainage lines, rebuild the street entirely, and repair sidewalks and curbs.
  • Patch Mill / Overlay: Repave the asphalt roadway from curb to curb and repair damaged sidewalks.
  • Patch Concrete: Remove damaged portions of the concrete roadway and replace it with new smooth concrete pavement.
  • Incidental Road Repairs: Remove damaged portions of the asphalt roadway and replace it with new smooth pavement.
  • Non-Paving Incidentals: Repair damaged sidewalks, driveway aprons and curbs within the public right-of-way.
  • Streetscape: Landscaping and other aesthetic improvements such as neighborhood signage and lighting.
  • Bridge Repairs: Replace, restore or rehabilitate bridges over the City’s waterways and roadways
  • Future Road Work Pending: Work may occur in the future, as more funding becomes available.

City-wide pavement assessment

The Department of Public Works completed a comprehensive, scientific assessment of City-owned streets in spring 2015. The full report can be accessed here.  The results of the pavement assessment are part of the method to prioritize infrastructure projects.





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